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Customer Experience is Essential to IT Investment

August 20, 2015

According to Forrester research, 75% of respondents in a survey of global business and technology decision-makers called “improving customer experience” a high or critical business priority. Companies were slow to recover from the economic downturn of 2008-2009. Many have deferred making technology infrastructure investments until now. However, the technology world has changed dramatically since these companies last invested in backend systems. How has the world changed? Here are three key factors:

  1. Mobile Disruption
    Mobile offers a radically different content delivery platform and a whole new way for people, businesses, and employees to stay in touch.
  2. Rise of Social Media
    “Customer experience” has risen from the status of an after-though to a key business imperative. With the concurrent rise of “big data,” the sheer amount of information companies now have to deal with when customers join and run brand conversations mandate the need for investment in technology.
  3. Increased Clout of Customer-Centric Executives
    Thanks to an increasingly interactive customer base, Chief Marketing and Chief Digital Officers now control a big part of the technology budget.

These factors have resulted in a decline in the primacy of traditional IT as the primary driver for technology investment. As companies renew their budgets today, the focus is more about putting technology in service of customers than investing in the biggest, latest enterprise infrastructure and application suites. The rules of engagement have changed for good.

Remember that state-of-the-art content management system you installed six years ago? It’s totally outdated now. Push technologies, even the very best ones, are passé. Instead, companies are investing to compete effectively in what really is a brave new world.

Forrester analyst John C. McCarthy and colleagues further explore this topic in Technology Spending Is Reaching A Tipping Point: Pressures Mount On CEOs To Increase Spending In Business And Technology Management.

– Mike Davis, Vice President Global Client Experience

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