To solve its need for colocation space that is cost-effective, scalable and complete with a range of connectivity options, Rackspace made the decision to collocate within Digital Realty's Open-IX (OIX)-certified data centre in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a suburb located about 25 miles west of downtown Chicago.


  • Leveraging AMS-IX Chicago's peering services, Rackspace has now established interconnections with multiple parties in other data centres.
  • This interconnectivity has helped Rackspace develop enhanced network redundancy, enabling the maintenance of a 100 percent network uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • In addition, because the AMS-IX node is located less than 100 meters from DFT CH2, Rackspace is not subject to any third-party, last mile fees, keeping peering costs as low as possible.

Digital Realty是AMS-IX的杰出合作伙伴,他们可以帮助寻求对等解决方案的客户实现简便且经济高效的互联。我们很高兴有机会通过芝加哥AMS-IX平台帮助像Rackspace这样的客户通过直接流量交换来增强其服务。

Joe Witteman,AMS-IX首席执行官
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