T-Systems迫切需要找到一个数据中心设施,从而快速安全地为要求严苛的客户提供先进的数据中心。凭借卓越的业绩记录和久经验证的专业知识,Digital Realty成为安全可靠的选择。该数据中心在Digital Realty位于新加坡裕廊的设施按规定期限建成并交付,期间未出现任何重大障碍。

As ICT specialists with extensive experience with major global projects, our clients expect flawless end-to end solutions that meet their strict security and compliance policies. It was important and urgent that we find a partner that could fulfil both our needs and our clients' demands.

Joseph Punzalan, Team Lead of Data Centre Operations, T-Systems Singapore
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