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Digital Realty Colocation

Digital Realty offers an impressive array of colocation facilities, providing top-notch facilities and operational expertise to maintain your computing infrastructure and assist your company with any questions or issues. Our well-qualified staff ensures some of the highest levels of colocation availability in the industry. 

In addition, we can support your needs quickly with our on-site technicians, who can operate as your remote hands on-site. Our sites are also certified to ensure your applications follow compliance guidelines for a myriad of different regulations and compliance standards. 

Digital Realty allows you to focus on your core competencies. We do this by providing much more than physical space. We provide always-on Remote Hands Services, highly reliable power and cooling solutions, physical security and an ecosystem of partners—carriers, cloud providers and financial services companies—with whom you can connect. In this digital economy, we enable you to have the capabilities you need to conduct business seamlessly today and ensure you have the technology requirements you need to grow in the future.

Our solutions deliver flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient data centre colocation combined with exceptional service.

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How does colocation work?

Colocation is a great solution for IT organisations to enable the quick deployment of their compute infrastructure at remote locations without the large capital outlays or long lead times required to develop their own sites. Colocation can be provided where you need it and when you need it, in small or large increments of secure space and power in a highly available and redundant environment. This gives IT organisations the agility to safely and securely deploy infrastructure as needed by the business. 

Because we build state-of-the-art data centres, you receive the benefit of a robust defence environment for your critical equipment. Additionally, these highly available and secure data centres keep your essential assets safe even if your company experiences unexpected incidents, such as flooding or fire damage at your corporate locations. 

Digital ecosystem

As you need to deploy the applications of today and the next-generation applications of the future, we are committed to providing a broad ecosystem to support your application supply chain. Our ecosystem includes:

  • Carrier partners to enable speed of delivery through fastest network paths, Internet peering and cost-effective options to enhance application performance
  • Cloud providers (IaaS, PaaS) to enable next-generation hybrid cloud applications or direct private connexions to SaaS providers
  • Content companies to provide ad placement services or integration with content providers

Benefits of colocation

Organisations choose colocation options for their critical data resources and services because they need robust infrastructure they can count on for consistent performance and availability. 

You may not have the in-house expertise or resources necessary to build the sort of data centre that can give your company a competitive edge. Colocation can quickly provide scalable, secure and highly available space and power for your mission-critical compute environments. Our services can help bridge the gap. These are a few of the benefits our solution offers:


Colocation gives your business the ability to quickly procure and provision data centre space in a broad range of sizes and locations. We help clients secure the space they need quickly, with flexibility on where to place deployments.


As one of the largest builders of data centres on the planet, we work to ensure our clients have the capacity to scale their business and deploy more mission-critical infrastructure when and where it’s needed. You can easily expand your capacity with us as your business grows and needs more compute, storage and bandwidth.


Organisations need always-on access to their information and processes, and often need to ensure their services are available 24/7 for customers. Our data centres make use of exceptional operational processes refined over years of operating more than 100+ data centres around the world. Our staff of highly skilled operational teams to ensure consistent uptime. With 100% uptime SLAs, Digital Realty ensures data is always available and accessible when you and your customers need it.


All organisations require secure facilities, data networks and connexions, and some industries have special requirements and regulations. Our experts can help ensure your company has the right configuration to meet regulatory guidelines and commitments to your customers.

Cost efficiency

Establishing a data centre on your own premises includes expenses beyond just the basic equipment. From energy to cooling, internal resources can be freed up by relying on our data centres to maintain your servers and connexions. We also offer aggressive pricing to ensure customers receive industry-leading value for their investments.


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