Frankfurt Data Centers

World-Class Financial Centre and Rising FinTech Hub

Known especially for its world-class financial sector, Frankfurt also is home to many other key industries: The creative industry, IT and telecommunications, biotechnology and life sciences, and logistics, according to Frankfurt Economic Development. 

As the seat of the European Central Bank, the city is of international importance in terms of monetary policy, and, therefore, considered the financial capital of continental Europe. It houses not only Germany’s Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse stock exchange (the 10th largest globally), but is also the seat of the European Central Bank (ECB).*

Its central location, excellent infrastructure, concentration of future-oriented companies and its international flair, give the city its top position among other major European cities. Though the city was once considered quite conservative, it is now vying with hipper and trendier centres around Europe to woo financial start-ups, known as FinTechs, which want to revolutionise the way the world of money does business, according to

Often praised for its accessibility, with the airport among Europe’s largest and busiest, and only a 15 minute train journey into the city, Frankfurt is an ideal location for multinational companies. The airport region’s office market has seen masses of expansion in recent years, with development continuing today.*


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Frankfurt Data Centers

Lyoner Strasse 28

Frankfurt am Main, HE 60528

Located within the Niederrad business park area, the Lyonerstrasse facility is in close proximity to Frankfurt airport, which has proved to be very attractive for those engineers are not based in Frankfurt.  It is only a short distance from Kleyerstrasse, a carrier-dense connectivity hub and one of the top three fibre-dense hot spots in Europe,  With a strong reputation with its long standing customer base, the facility provides many connectivity options through major telecommunication providers, service providers (ISP’s) and Internet Exchanges (IXP’s).

Facility Specs

Lyoner Strasse 28

Building Description

  • Gross size of data centre (m²) 3,200
  • Purpose-built data centre
  • Number of IT zones 11

Flood Zone

  • No

Seismic Zone

  • No

Utility Power Capacity

  • 19.8 MVA

UPS Power Capacity

  • 11.2 MVA

UPS Redundancy

  • N+1

Power Density

  • 1.24 kW/m²

Generator Power Capacity

  • 12 MVA

Cooling Redundancy

  • N+1

Floor Loading

  • Up to 1,500 kg/m2

Fiber and Building Entry

  • Number of diverse entry points into building, 2
  • Number of meet me rooms, 2 carrier areas

Security Features

  • Proximity Access Card
  • Staffed 24x7x365


65936 Frankfurt am Main,

Located within an established data centre hub to the north west of Frankfurt, Digital Frankfurt – Wilhelm Fay Strasse provides a campus of 3 buildings, totalling 180,000 sq ft. of Net technical space.  Each building provides 6 data suites of 10,000 sq ft (Net space), together with 60,000 sq ft. of ancillary space including dedicated offices, de-box rooms, test rooms and dedicated plant areas. The facility sits on a substantial site of circa 6 acres enabling the provision of flexible plant solutions and allocated car parking. A campus power supply of 40MVA allows the provision of a campus total of 27MW of delivered IT power equally divided across the 3 buildings.

The three storey buildings are designed to deliver 3MW of 2N IT power at cabinet level, from a distributed redundant (DR) 4 to make 3 UPS system, equally distributed across the 2 data suites per floor. Individual buildings are supported by a medium voltage (10kV) diesel generator system which is concurrently maintainable. Cooling is delivered to each suite with a concurrently maintainable, N +1 capacity system, utilising a ‘free cooling’ pumped refrigerant system, achieving a 1.3 PUE metric.