Miami Data Centers

Gateway to International Trade and Commerce

For much of Miami’s history the measure of its economic vitality depended almost exclusively on the tourist trade, but today Miami-Dade County is enjoying its position as a leader in international trade and commerce. In fact, according to an economic study from 2012 by Strategic Information Analysis, Inc., international trade supported more than 105,000 local jobs. 

With its proximity to Latin America, Miami is also home to more than 1400 multinational corporations, many of whom have located their regional headquarters there, including the highest density of international banks in the country. Miami’s International Airport, the country’s top airport for international trade and freight, along with the port of Miami, contribute more than $8 billion to the local economy.

Located in the city’s Downtown region, the Digital Realty data centre in Miami, was specifically designed to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes, a type of tropical storm familiar to Florida residents. 

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Miami Data Centers

The following properties are currently leased to Triple Net customers:

  • 2300 N.W. 89th Place

36 N.E. 2nd Street

Miami, FL 33132

Located in downtown Miami, MIA1 is the pre-eminent international gateway for reaching South America and Latin America for international voice, video and data traffic. Structurally designed for Category 5 Hurricane Survivability, the MIA1 data centre is similarly located outside the FEMA 100-year designated flood zone and the Miami-Dade hurricane evacuation zone.

Digital Realty's 36 North East 2nd Street data centre currently provides access to hundreds of customers. Digital Realty acquired the facility in 2006 and is the leading colocation and interconnection provider at this location.

Facility Specs

36 N.E. 2nd Street


  • 7 stories; 162,000 (sq.ft.)

Telx Leased

  • 23,805 (sq.ft.)

Flood Zone

  • Zone X (Unshaded): Outside 500 year flood plain


  • Zone 0

Utility Power Capacity

  • 2,000 (kW)

UPS Power Capacity

  • 300 (kW)

UPS Redundancy

  • 2N

Power Density

  • 175 (W/sq.ft.)

DC Power Capacity

  • Available

Generator Power Capacity

  • 800 (kW)

Generator Redundancy

  • 2N

Cooling Redundancy

  • N+1


  • Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking
  • Roof Rights Available

Floor Loading

  • Up to 125 (lbs/sq.ft.)

Fiber and Building Entry

  • Multiple Diverse Entrances


  • 24x7 Onsite Security Personnel
  • Monitored by CCTV Camera Systems 24x7 with 30 day Retention
  • Security Check-In at Lobby
  • Elevator Authentication and Corridor Security
  • Concrete and Steel Construction with Brick Façade
  • SOC2, SOC3, and HIPAA Compliant


  • Available