Portland Data Center

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The Digital Realty data centre is located just outside Portland, Oregon.  The Rose City of Portland, Oregon, serves as a strategic pivot point for trade and commerce throughout North America, Asia and Europe. To foster business competitiveness, increased efficiencies, time-to-market and job creation the City of Portland has adopted a “cluster strategy” in key industries including software, activewear, advanced manufacturing and clean technology. 

The synergies realised through the coordination of training, resources and knowledge capture in these sectors charges business development that transcend traditional public sector assistance while ensuring investment in and a bright future for businesses that show the promise of growth as well as sustainability.

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Portland Data Centers

3825 N.W. Aloclek Place

Hillsboro, OR 97124

Our data centre located in Hillsboro, Ore., and just 15 miles from downtown Portland provides more than 18,000 sq ft of white space from a current data centre building footprint of 52,000 sq ft. The single story structure is expandable by another 20,000 sq ft with a current 4500 kW service for IT load. Our data centre and its adjacent colocation facilities, both to the North, along with three additional data centres to the South offer a complete Northwest colocation capability.

With a full 2N+1 UPS design, our Hillsboro data centre can support client loads of 325 wp/sq ft for power demanding applications. Its PUE rating of 1.3 employs an indoor air containment system that directs cold air to server needs followed by evacuating the resulting hot air outside the facility.

The Hillsboro data centre facility is tethered, by our expanding portfolio of interconnection products, such as Metro Connect, back to important Portland carrier hotels, making the interconnection and colocation facility a core regional asset. It provides both the ideal location for clients to reach Asia with support of Digital Realty’s FASTER transpacific cable system, as well as having the ability to address the power consuming needs of gaming, media and other SaaS applications and services.

Facility Specs

3825 N.W. Aloclek Place

Building Description

  • 48,574 sq ft

Seismic Zone

  • Zone 3

Utility Power Capacity

  • 8 MVA

UPS Power Capacity

  • 4.5 MW

UPS Redundancy

  • 2N+1

Power Density

  • 250 W/sq ft

Generator Power Capacity

  • 16 MVA (2N)

Cooling Redundancy

  • N+1

Floor Loading

  • 250+ lbs/sq ft

Fiber and Building Entry

  • Dual PoP Rooms


  • 53 surface parking spots