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The data universe is growing exponentially every day and expected to continue over the coming years. This presents both tremendous business and technological challenges making data centers a key component of an IT leader’s strategy. Have you future-proofed your IT strategy?

We have always been strategic in our expansion by looking ahead to markets with the potential to deliver you the greatest value. Doing so has helped us establish our unparalleled global footprint and enabled us to deliver comprehensive solutions when and where you need them. Our merger with Dupont Fabros Technologies now further expands our ability to meet your data center needs, from single cabinet to multi-megawatt, up to hyperscale deployments around the globe.

As a global data center partner, we are trusted with the mission-critical architectures of some of the top companies in social media, financial services, and health care. Our industry-leading record of ten years of 5 nines ensures you’ll never go dark and that you can count on the security, reliability and agility required to support your high-performance networks.

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Solutions Built for Growth

One cab to multi-megawatt

Unparalleled Global Footprint

Solutions When and Where You Need Them

Record of Operational Excellence

Ten years of 5 nines

Ecosystem Partner

Dense interconnection with direct access to the cloud

Our strategic acquisitions over the recent past have led to significant growth in our capabilities around colocation and interconnection and further strengthen our commitment to providing the foundation for the digital world by giving you the power of choice. Our organizational evolution has transformed our data centers into solution centers by bringing together all the essential cloud, interconnection and network elements together under one environment.

Today, we are at the center of the important shift in economic growth driven by technology and well positioned to support your IT strategy with minimal risk by enabling you to leverage our densely-connected network of global data center solutions. From one cabinet to multi-megawatt deployments, we can accelerate your business growth by connecting you to internet backbones, transport networks, global network partners and direct access to the cloud.

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Three Critical Components of a Future-Proof IT Strategy