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Benefit from a direct and private connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Atlanta

Are you benefiting from the next wave of hybrid cloud technology?

Enterprises are moving away from a public or private-cloud-only architecture by adopting hybrid IT architecture and realizing many benefits.

To make the most of your hybrid cloud strategy, Digital Realty is ready to help you unlock the power of cloud innovation. We make it easier for businesses to harness the power of hybrid cloud by offering a scalable, high-performance solution with AWS Direct Connect which delivers a number of benefits, including enabling you to:

      • Access powerful new cloud services via a direct, private connection that’s optimized for high performance
      • Build ‘instant scale’ into your hybrid cloud environment by taking advantage of analytics and data at the digital edge
      • Deploy highly scalable public and private clouds in a secure environment
      • Reduce network costs and leverage consistent network performance -- compared to internet-based connections
      • Utilize better control over critical IT resources by moving private workloads closer to partners, customers and cloud services via Digital Realty’s Service Exchange

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Connect to multiple clouds from a single access point with Digital Realty’s Service Exchange.

AWS Direct Connect Availability

North America

    • 44100 Digital Loudoun Plaza, Ashburn, VA
    • 60 Hudson St., New York, NY
    • 111 8th Ave., New York, NY
    • 32 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY
    • 300 Boulevard E., Weehawken, NJ
    • 100 Delawanna Ave. #1, Clifton, NJ
    • 100 Delawanna Ave. #2, Clifton, NJ
    • 1100 Space Park Dr., Santa Clara, CA
    • 2820 Northwestern Pkwy., Santa Clara, CA
    • 200 Paul Ave., San Francisco, CA
    • 365 Main St., San Francisco, CA
    • 56 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA
    • 250 Williams Street NW, Atlanta, GA



    • Sovereign House, 227 Marsh Wall London, England E14 9SD
    • Meridian Gate, 215 Marsh Wall London, England E14 9FJ


Get faster and easier cloud connectivity with AWS Direct Connect