IBM Direct Link

Your private connection to unparalleled network performance

Enabling the foundation for hybrid cloud

Choosing to collocate at Digital Realty’s supported data center campuses puts you right next door to IBM Cloud platforms, enabling the fastest simplest and most secure connection with IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting.

IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting solution, offered jointly by IBM Cloud and Digital Realty, establishes redundant, high-speed private connections to customer-owned network equipment, storage and compute infrastructure.

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IBM Cloud Direct Link Supported by Digital Realty

Dedicated access to IBM Cloud from 74 locations in 20 markets and 4 continents

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Direct Link Dedicated Hosting

Ultra-latency-sensitive workloads, high-value owned infrastructure, highly sensitive data transactions

Colocation and Connectivity contracted through IBM Direct Link Offering

* Colocation contracted through Sungard AS in Digital Realty Data Center

Direct Link Dedicated

Enterprise-class workloads & performance requirements, latency-sensitive applications utilizing private dedicated connectivity 

Colocation contracted through Digital Realty

Direct Link Connect

Scalable and Flexible private SDN connectivity, optimized for standard workloads enabling a multi-end-point interface

Colocation contracted with Digital Realty

Partnership at a Glance

IBM and Digital Realty have a shared vision to offer customers access to enterprise-grade compute, storage, and network infrastructure, enabling hybrid connectivity. As an added benefit when moving up the stack, customers can more easily adopt and leverage disruptive cloud platform services with Digital Realty’s future-proof infrastructure and always-on architecture.

Digital Realty is also the first leading data center provider to offer the Direct Link Connect service, in addition to joining the IBM Direct Link Service Provider Program. The IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect solution complements IBM’s partnership with Digital Realty, enabling IBM customers to provision a virtual cross connection over the private Internet with more scalable and granular speeds, for greater efficiency to support hybrid and multi-cloud workloads. 

Create More than 55x Faster Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Maximum Security, Availability and Elasticity

Learn how to create More Than 55x Faster Hybrid Cloud Solutions with maximum security, availability and elasticity using IBM Cloud and NetAPP Storage within a Digital Realty data center.

IBM Cloud Direct Link connected Digital Realty Locations

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Through its new Services Exchange platform, Digital Realty offers IBM Cloud customers a way to virtualize cross connects as quickly and easily as the IBM Cloud platform creates virtual infrastructure. Delivered through MegaPort, Services Exchange enables businesses of all sizes to future-proof their private and hybrid cloud deployments with fast, secure, pay-as-you-go access to partners, customers and service providers throughout North America.