Colocation in the Cloud

Whereas many decision-makers were once more involved in the process of deciding whether or not cloud-based colocation was a good idea for their businesses, the conversation has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, firms have understood the merits of this methodology to improve IT functionality, and are figuring out whether they are prepared to deploy the solutions.

Cloud-readiness is no longer an optional matter in the public and private sectors, as it has become clear that the decision of ‘if’ organisations will migrate to the cloud has turned into a choice of ‘when’ it will do so. In that same vein, decision-makers in virtually every organisation are tasked with identifying the best path forward to begin using cloud-based colocation services.

Reasons to watch

  • The cloud is a powerful tool, and colocation can have a profoundly positive impact on the average business so long as decision-makers go about managing these projects properly.
  • Viewers can get more information about the economics, functions and best practices of colocation and some of the ways in which migrations can begin to occur in a smooth and seamless fashion.

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