Cyber Security: The Risks, Threats & the Future

Cyber Security: The Risks, Threats & the Future


Online fraud and cybercrime is wreaking havoc. From hackers breaching major corporations like Sony pictures, to thieves stealing 70 million U.S. shoppers’ credit card numbers, cyber security is becoming a daily concern in today’s always-on Internet of Things (IoT) world. As the IoT and other technologies have proliferated, security threats and crimes have expanded exponentially. Left in the wake of these security breaches, are businesses and other organisations cleaning up damaged brands, expending significant funds to rebuild IT security, potentially spending additional sums to directly redress damages, and facing ongoing trust issues. How do organisations minimise disruption and reduce the risk?  Today’s panel will cover what the weak points are in security architecture and what the true implications are of the IoT on security.  Questions will be addressed about what is being done to combat these issues, what the future looks like for businesses and consumers as we move into the next generation of an interconnected world. 


Don Mathis, CEO, Kinetic


John Bandler, Assistant District Attorney - Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau

Dr. Augustine Fou - Independent Ad Fraud Researcher; Fmr. Chief Digital Officer; Digital Consigliere

Adam Cohen, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group

Dan Wolfe, VP Information Technology, Telx

Timothy P. Ryan, Managing Director, Cyber Security, Kroll