Startups – Strategies and Trends for 2015

It’s the dawn of a new day and a very exciting time to be a startup business.  Everywhere, the advent of technology propels us into new ways of thinking, doing, believing and seeing, as our daily reliability on the Internet, networking and compute power takes us to places we have not yet realised.  Today’s technology entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this curve and are shaping the business practices and lifestyles of tomorrow.  This panel explores both the opportunities and challenges faced by startups as they chart their future, not only addressing their respective addressable markets, but attracting investments in their future success.  Are there strategies a startup can employ to give them a better chance of success?  What are the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting a new tech business? How can start-ups and established companies work together to create new technologies?

Adam Lesser, Cleantech Curator, Gigaom Research

Andy Wilson, CEO/Co-founder, Rexter: Productivity in the "Connected" Age
Nick Chong, Head of Product Marketing, Zoom
Ray La Chance, President & CEO, ZenFi Networks, Inc.
Mark Dowds, EVP,