The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing

Typically, businesses with 20-100 employees do not have huge IT teams or budgets. As a result, understanding the potential of the Cloud hasn’t been easy and figuring out the benefits of the Cloud can be a huge challenge.

In reality, Midmarket companies and SMBs have as much to gain from the Cloud as their larger counterparts or the startups that helped define the Cloud market. Those benefits? Cost savings, access to the latest technologies and enhanced IT security.

In this eBook, FierceCIO explains:

  • What are the different Cloud options and why should you consider them
  • How shifting to the Cloud can save you money and what hidden costs to keep in mind
  • Why, in theory, the Cloud is much more secure than your own operations and how to make sure the provider you choose is more secure
  • Why a hybrid scenario makes sense for many Midmarket companies and SMBs

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