The Pulse of Peering

Session #1 - The Pulse of Peering


Peering is a hot topic amongst today’s tech community with the global peering ecosystem sitting on the backbone of today’s modern internet. There is a lot of attention and debate regarding the oversight and control of this ecosystem from industry players; bills are being passed that are shaping and affecting how we use the internet and conduct business. So who are the influencers? Where are the resources coming from to execute this legislation? Lastly, what are the implications for the peering community and the internet as we know it? Our panelists today will provide multiple perspectives of the peering community. They will discuss reasons to peer, the future of the network, the costs associated with peering, the disruptions within the peering ecosystem and how all of this will impact the future of the internet.


Ilissa Miller, Founder & CEO, iMiller Public Relations


Michael Wheeler, EVP, Head of Global IP Network Business Unit, NTT COMMUNICATIONS

Peter Helmenstine, Sr. Network Architect, Telx

Ryan Donnelly, Director, Infrastructure Planning & Strategy at VERISIGN

Adam Rothschild, SVP of Network and Datacentre Infrastructure, Packet

Jezzibell Gilmore, VP Business Development