Uncovering The Truthiness About the Cloud Market

Session #3 - Uncovering The Truthiness About the Cloud Market - Cloud Analyst Heavyweights Weigh In


Many analyst and industry experts have been predicting meteoric growth in the cloud industry for several years and some might argue that unlike other past overhyped technology trends the cloud industry has in fact lived up to much of this. But do the expert analysts who inform us of the industry see eye-to-eye? Are those who are deeply embedded in the industry saying the same thing, or do some have the inside secrets and facts to back it up and how much of what we hear is based on the “truthiness” of things or a gut feeling? Come listen and ask them yourself in this unique open question formatted panel session.


Jonathan Atkin, Managaing Director, RBC Capital Markets


Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research

Melanie Posey, Vice President of Research, IDC

Al Sadowski, Research Director, Service Providers

Sophia Vargas, Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Forrester Research