Public Cloud

What is Public Cloud?

If you’re looking for a cloud-computing model with the highest levels of speed-to-market and elasticity to manage fluctuating and uncertain workload requirements, then the public cloud is what you need. These services are available on a pay-per-usage model and mitigate the problem of trying to match your capacity needs with the available supply of resources.

With public cloud models constantly evolving to higher levels of availability, performance and security, they are becoming go-to environments for an ever-growing number of apps. The increase in maturity, use and financial advantages of public cloud platforms shows their value as reliable deployment options for your enterprise apps and systems.

Digital Realty offers you access to comprehensive public cloud solutions with compliance-grade security, governance and performance that will handle all of your demanding workloads—all at a low cost while enabling your in-house IT staff to focus on challenges that are core to your business, thereby providing higher value to business partners.