Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Your connectivity
is mission critical.

What is BC/DR?

Digital Realty BC/DR solutions can:

  • Serve as both primary and back-up facilities for your private cloud, transaction systems, data repositories, etc.
  • Deliver diverse connectivity options from numerous network providers to safeguard access to your computing engine even if one provider's service fails
  • Provide back-up office space and work areas for team members to collabourate and drive results
  • Link systems and data in facilities across 10 metro regions utilising regional and national interconnection options
  • Guarantee reliable SOC 2 Compliance facilities with dedicated staff to support 24/7 operations and Technical Remote Hands Support

Select advantages of using Digital Realty business continuity centres include:

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Facility manned 24/7 for assistance if needed

Space is in the same building where their critical infrastructure is deployed


Space meets same security levels as data centre

Flexible designs to suit customer needs

When/how could BC/DR in a data centre setting apply to me?

  • If all your computing resources are contained within one facility in a single geographic area
  • If you are space constrained and having trouble housing both your primary and back-up computing resources
  • If you are using another colocation provider that has had questionable results and need to diversify your primary and back-up services
  • If your current data centre facilities reside in areas impacted by heavy snow, hurricanes, earthquakes or flooding

Businesses used to simply plan for how to recover after a disaster or an unplanned interruption of service (i.e., disaster recovery). In the past 5+ years, however, the focus of many business plans has been to keep the business running and avoid the impact of disasters (i.e., business continuity). virtualisation, cloud computing and data replication have enabled access to systems and information from nearly any connected location. Now your teams can continue to be productive even when the office is unavailable.