Meeting the Clean Energy Needs of our Customers

We engage regularly with key stakeholders through in-person meetings, surveys, and other means in order to better understand their needs and priorities. Key stakeholders include: Employees, customers, investors, joint venture partners, government and regulators, suppliers as well as communities and non-governmental organisations.


We interact with our customers and solicit feedback through in-person dialogue, surveys, and other means through the following mechanisms:

  • Dedicated asset management, sales, and strategic account teams
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Social media
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Collaboration on efficiency and clean energy projects
  • Green lease standards


We have more than 1,200 employees around the globe. We strive to maintain a best-in-class working environment for our employees. We engage with our employees in a number of ways, including:

  • Training programs and support
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Direct electronic employee communications
  • In-person and streaming video Q&A with executive management
  • Matching gifts programme and "Donate 8" volunteering programme


We have more than 435 institutions holding shares. Less than 0.25% of shares are held by insiders and 5% owners. Visit Digital Realty’s Investor Relations page for the most up-to-date information.

Joint Venture Partners

We have three unconsolidated joint ventures that own a total of 14 properties. Visit Digital Realty’s Investor Relations page for the most up-to-date information.

We engage with joint venture partners on matters relevant to the respective properties and the management of the joint venture.

Government and Regulators

We operate in 35 markets across 13 countries and 5 continents. Visit Digital Realty’s Investor Relations page for the most up-to-date information. We engage with relevant local, state, and federal government in the markets where we operate in the following ways:

  • Regular dialogue, filings, permitting, and hearings related to project permitting
  • Engagement with relevant regulators on matters of energy supply and renewable energy
  • Participation in energy efficiency programs
  • Participation in energy benchmarking programs


We procure products and services from over 4,200 suppliers, and the top 20 suppliers represent approximately 60% of our annual spend. We set standards, monitor, and engage with suppliers across our development activities, operating portfolio, and corporate footprint, including:

  • Contract development and on-going interaction
  • Direct dialogue
  • Supplier compliance with environmental policies
  • Annual environmental key performance indicator reporting
  • Regular performance reviews with key vendors
  • Sustainability requirements in master services agreements and construction contracts

Communities and NGOs

We support local communities where we operate through support for volunteering and financial support. We engage with industry and professional communities on topics such as green buildings and renewable energy. We engage with NGOs in a range of capacities, including:

  • Board-level membership and participation
  • General membership and employee involvement on work groups
  • Conference attendance
  • Employee volunteering
  • Corporate philanthropy

Sustainability Awards and Recognitions

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