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Your data is exploding

In volume, velocity, and value. Whether this Data Gravity is a challenge or an opportunity depends on your strategy and data center partner.


Seize the unrealized opportunity of the data economy

As enterprises undergo digital transformation and adopt emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and autonomous vehicles, more and more data is created. The World Economic Forum estimates $100 trillion of incremental GDP could be secured through digital transformation.*


As the shift from physical to digital to data economy occurs, multi-national companies are well positioned to address the $100 trillion value opportunity.

Not only is data growing, but there is also a shift in how data is created, processed, stored, and exchanged. This impacts business strategy, customer experience, and infrastructure. To keep up, enterprises require a data-centric architecture to seize the opportunity at hand. This is the unrealized opportunity of the data economy.
* World Economic Forum. $100 Trillion by 2025: the Digital Dividend for Society and Business, January 2016.

We understand your Data Gravity challenges

The increase in enterprise data creation compounded by data localization, regulation, and sovereignty creates a challenge for multi-national companies, cloud providers, and network providers.

The Data Gravity Index™ 2.0 quantifies and predicts the intensity of Data Gravity and the incremental capacity needed for businesses to make strategic decisions to enable performant, compliant, and resilient service delivery.


1.2 million exabytes of enterprise data
will be created in the next three years


93% of data created
outside of public cloud in the next three

Data Gravity Index 2.0™
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Data Gravity Index™ 2.0 Databook

For a more in-depth view of the proliferation of data within regions, countries, and metros, download the Data Gravity Index™ 2.0 Databook. Unlock data exchange insights for the future of enterprise capacity planning and infrastructure placement. 

checkboxRich, powerful insights derived from 1B+ operations against 100M data points across 190+ countries and 500+ metros
checkboxIn-depth data on Data Gravity across public cloud vs non-cloud destinations
checkbox80+ metro forecasts for 2025
checkboxDetails on the incremental number of enterprise storage and compute required to address Data Gravity by 2025

"Data creation is multiplying at all business points of presence, and the way it drives value is through secure and efficient data exchange."

2022 Global Data Insights Survey

Unlock the trapped value of your business intelligence

Learn what tech leaders are thinking, planning, and doing to execute a data-first business agenda.

Global Data Insights Survey

The Global Data Insights Survey presents in-depth insights from thousands of business executives globally on the implications and challenges of Data Gravity.

Data is becoming the
critical business agenda

1Data is pervasive

Data creation is multiplying at all points of business presence—1.5 GB/second by 2024.

2Data is the business agenda

Business leaders identify the top three value drivers for data-driven insights to be customer experience, data location strategy, and new digital products or services. 

3Data requires aggregation and control

Users and data are growing exponentially, and integration of the data to inform business insights requires a secure ecosystem of providers and business partners. 

4Data is localizing

62% of companies with $1B+ revenues have 50+ locations and/or colocation sites. 

5Data-first strategies win

Business leaders identified their top considerations to unlock value from data by 2024 as improving data infrastructure, upskilling data capabilities, and investing in AI/Machine Learning tech. 

Address your Data Gravity challenges with Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®)

This proven methodology brings the users, networks, systems, and controls to the data, removing barriers of Data Gravity and creating centers of data exchange to scale digital business.


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business with

A global platform with local expertise. PlatformDIGITAL® supports your global footprints with multi-tenant data center coverage, capacity, connectivity, and control.


Unlock future growth utilizing Data Gravity insights

Optimize Global Data Exchange with a PlatformDIGITAL® Map Kit and Consultation