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Why Digital Realty

Scaling Digital Business

The digital economy has transformed how companies create and deliver customer value. Considering innovations over the last decade, it's no wonder leading strategies support the always-on business-augmented by real-time intelligence-securely serving the right people, wherever they are, in an instant. As this ecosystem brings ever-increasing growth for networks, content, cloud and IT providers, users, and devices, it also brings data gravity barriers that could put a stop to it all.

We believe defying data gravity will be the turning point for digital transformation. The foundation starts with decentralized IT infrastructure designed to support and scale business initiatives over technology demands.

Integrating Physical and Virtual Worlds

Digital Realty Trust ® solves global coverage, capacity, and ecosystem connectivity needs for companies of all sizes by providing the leading global platform for centers of data exchange, interconnection, and colocation solutions.

Powering Digital Ambitions with One Global Datacenter Platform

Be in Control

Be Connected

Be Optimized

  • Simplify infrastructure delivery
  • Standardise deployment and operations
  • Reduce risk whilst meeting security and compliance mandates
  • Improve business performance and agility
  • Leverage global digital ecosystems
  • Shorten connection time to partners, providers, and markets
  • Enable revenue growth with local digital capabilities and new global markets
  • Reduce costs through consolidation
  • Implement optimized hybrid IT infrastructure

The Blueprint for Decentralized IT Architecture

After analyzing hundreds of unique customer deployments, Pervasive Datacenter Architecture ™ was developed to help IT dramatically increase speed and work out the infrastructure kinks to scale digital business.

With a step-by-step strategy, Digital Realty helps remove data gravity barriers, so companies of all sizes see IT infrastructure in a whole new light-with centers of data exchange.

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