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Campus Connect

Land & Expand with Flexible Connectivity Solutions

Digital Realty's Connected Campus provides a solution to your growing colocation needs. With our connected Data Centres, you can access cloud and network providers throughout the campus and link your own operating environments.

For single connection applications we provide our Campus Connect offering. For larger bulk connectivity needs, our Pathway product can be deployed both within the building and between facilities in the campus.

Benefits of a Connected Campus

  • Land in our world class facilities with close proximity to a vast ecosystem of service providers throughout the campus.

  • Expand by growing your own footprint from our colocation, Internet Gateways or Interconnected Scale environment.

  • Flexibility: Connect via a single fibre pair or high count fibre run through highly secure conduits depending on your Interconnection needs.

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    Campus Connect and Pathway Benefits

    Campus Connect is a Layer 1 connection between end points within the Digital Realty Connected Campus. The connection is delivered utilizing pre-existing Digital Realty fibre infrastructure. In addition, Digital Realty provides Pathway - conduit, the space within a conduit, or bulk fibre, which allows for the installation of cabling between two end points into or within a building or between buildings on a campus.

    Campus Connect Pathways
    • Expand your data centre footprint seamlessly by utilizing the full campus interconnection product set
    • Benefit from low-latency connectivity to Cloud Service Providers hyperscale presence directly next to colocation data centres
    • Ordered and delivered as a Cross Connect throughout the entire Digital Realty Connected Campus
    • Access the full ecosystem of customers and service providers across our interconnected scale, Internet Gateway and colocation facilities.


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