Harness the Power of a Connected Campus

With a booming economy and a population of 1.3 million+, Dallas has much to offer-including Digital Realty Connected Campus data centres. Critical data centre, cloud, and connectivity elements all working together under a single secure environment allows businesses to power their digital ambitions.

Why Digital Realty in Dallas?

69-acre connected campus: Digital Dallas

Dedicated connectivity from private architecture and access to hundreds of networks, partners, and providers

Award-winning POD Architecture® delivery and design

Additional 116 acres ready for development


Proximity, Proximity, Proximity

The Digital Dallas Connected Campus enables you to deploy essential computing resources. For operators, that means easier access to power procurement and opportunity for expansion.

Low Latency Colocation

Our Digital Dallas location offers low-latency colocation, critical to the success of high-performance applications. Our unique partnership with IBM Cloud has led to the development of Direct Link Colocation, which delivers a minimal latency of 1.5 milliseconds or less.

Fear-Free Data Processing

We’re proud of our record of continuity in the face of natural disasters. During a recent hurricane, Digital Realty’s Houston facilities (located less than 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico) did not experience any downtime. Dallas, a seismically stable city nearly 300 miles from the storm-prone coastline, is an ideal place to house and process critical data.

Feature Partners

Direct Link Colocation delivers a high throughput private fibre connection between Digital Realty data centres and IBM Cloud computing infrastructure, connecting public and private clouds housed within contiguous Digital Realty properties.

Proximity to our customers is crucial to driving innovation and improving a better end user experience. We turned to Digital Realty to assist us in our international expansion efforts because their facilities gave us a way to rapidly deploy and get our data centre operations live quickly.
—Francisco Romero Chief Operating Officer, IBM Cloud

Harness the Power of a Connected Campus

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