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Dallas Data Centres and Colocation

Booming Economy and High-Tech Workforce

Digital Realty offers several data centres throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, including Texas's high technology corridor in Richardson.

The sixth largest economy by output and the seventh overall largest by income, the metro region of Dallas-Fort Worth is a job producing machine. The Dallas Metroplex adds an average of 187 new jobs and 470 new residents daily, producing 23% of the state’s total output and maintaining 48% of Texas’ high-tech workforce. The DFW area is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies and 38 Fortune 1000 companies, 10 companies listed amongst America's Largest Private Companies (Forbes, 2012) and 147 headquarters of companies employing at least 1,000 globally including A&T, Hunt Consolidated Oil and 7-Eleven. Doing business in the Dallas area is also affordable, with a cost of living that's 98.9% of the national average (Forbes, 2012).

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