Rua Presbítero Plínio Alves de Souza, 757, Building #2

Jundiaí 2 Data Centre offers an infrastructure focused on large scale and high electrical density projects. The site, located in São Paulo State, has 81,000 square feet of raised floor space and 16 MW of total power capacity. Jundiaí 1 Data Centre also has an owned electrical substation and direct connection with the main PIX in Brazil.

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Facility Specs

Utility Power Capacity
  • 16,000 kW
Total Building Size
  • 81,000 ft²
UPS Redundancy
  • N+1, 2N
Cooling Plant Redundancy
  • N+1
  • Concrete and Steel
Seismic Rating
  • Zone 0
UPS Power Capacity (kW)
  • 16,200 kW
Generator Power Capacity (kW)
  • 24,675 kW
Max. Floor Loading (lbs./sqft.)
  • 167 kg/sqft
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