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Some advantages
of Digital Realty

The Digital Media market is growing exponentially all around the world. Digital Media companies require low latency and high bandwidth network performance and 100% uptime so they can service their customers around the clock and cost-effectively scale their businesses. 

Digital Realty is a leading information and communications technology service provider with advanced colocation facilities and other assets that can power digital media companies in 34 markets around the globe. 

Here are a few guarantees digital media companies can expect to enjoy when leveraging the solutions and facilities that Digital Realty offers:

Low Latency and High Performance

Digital Realty’s highly connected data centres in major global markets and commercial hubs are strategically located. In the US alone, 90 percent of the population is within 12 milliseconds of a Digital Realty facility, which allows faster performance and lower latency for content delivery.

Reliability and Uptime

With robust connectivity options and 99.999% uptime, Digital Realty’s service level agreements (SLAs) provide the assurance to digital media companies that they have a reliable and high-performing environment through which to deliver services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, with Digital Realty’s footprint in key global markets, digital media companies can find ideally situated data centres, close to the edge, to service their customers.


Digital Realty’s carrier-neutral connectivity options and robust ecosystem provide digital media companies with multiple options to connect to high-performing networks, enabling greater flexibility and a wider range of choices for connectivity. Digital Realty’s ecosystem also enables digital media companies to engage with potential business partners and customers to quickly and cost-effectively extend their reach and tackle new revenue-generating opportunities.

Cost Control

Digital Realty provides a flexible, future-proof environment to help digital media companies speed time to service customers and optimise IT efficiencies while simultaneously controlling what would otherwise be escalating IT costs. Digital media companies can optimise costs by providing a high-performing environment addressing their digital media compute, capacity, provisioning and scalability needs.

Elasticity and Scalability

Digital Realty offers customisable and flexible configurations to help digital media companies remain competitive in an evolving and increasingly saturated industry. Our comprehensive solutions and expansive footprint allow companies to easily scale and grow digital media businesses. 


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