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Your private
fast lane to
the cloud

Get secure and high-performance connections to multiple clouds from one physical connection with Cloud Connect.


Don't compromise on cloud connectivity.

Unbeatable performance

The best way to avoid the latency and bandwidth constraints of the internet is to bypass the internet altogether.

Steadfast reliability

Because business-critical applications work best when they are actually working. 

Unmatched security

Having a private lane to the cloud means you completely avoid the risks associated with the unpredictable public internet. 

Unhindered scalability

Flexible bandwidth, quick provisioning, multiple VLAN support, and high-performance connectivity unlock nimble and easy scaling. 

The Cloud Connect data sheet by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company

Elevate your cloud strategy

Boost performance

Cloud Connect supercharges performance by providing secure, dedicated, low-latency connectivity to cloud service providers. 

Reinforce reliability

Cloud Connect achieves an extremely high level of uptime, minimizing the risk of downtime and associated issues. 

Bolster security

By offering a private path to the cloud, Cloud Connect minimizes the risks of the public internet. 

Scale with flexibility

The road ahead is yours. No matter your size or goals, Cloud Connect delivers consistent connectivity without the complexity of managing many physical connections. 

Enhance IX peering

Quickly access 1200+ IP networks, and control your platform’s reach using on-demand IX Peering to top Exchanges for direct, secure, and optimized connections. Control the path and proximity that users connect to your platform

Amplify connectivity

Virtually interconnect other campuses, customers, and services remotely in a high capacity and reserved e-Line with Virtual Connect, our widely distributed software-defined network.

Seamless and secure cloud connections

Cloud Connect provides secure layer 2 connectivity, redundancy, and separate network services across multiple data centers. It delivers a cost-effective solution for your cloud-based operations.


Number of public cloud on-ramp locations Cloud Connect can provide connections to.


Number of our data centers across EMEA with Cloud Connect availability.


16 consecutive years of 5 nines infrastructure uptime. 


Cloud Connect enables more energy-efficient operations by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the public internet. 


Cloud Connect’s fault-tolerant architecture helps ensure that it keeps working even if a system component fails. 


Additional levels of security are provided by maintaining the necessary hardware in a physically and digitally fortified facility only accessible to us.  


Every Cloud Connect implementation consists of dual platforms for redundancy installed in separate physical data centers.  


Cloud Connect dramatically reduces the time and effort required to provision new connections by providing streamlined and automated processes


Around-the-clock technical support means somebody is always standing by to keep your business-critical connectivity up and running.  


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