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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are key to our success

We want to engage with the people and groups that have an influence on our business or may be affected by it. These key stakeholders include our employees, customers, investors, partners, governments, suppliers, and local communities and organizations. Below, we list ways in which we engage with our stakeholders and topics that are discussed. 

Additional information about our efforts can be found in our ESG report. 



Topics of discussion


  • Dedicated asset management, sales, and strategic account teams 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Customer Success Managers 
  • Quarterly Business Reviews 
  • Customer appreciation events 
  • Collaboration on efficiency and clean energy projects 
  • Green lease standards 
  • Energy efficiency transparency (efficiency improvements in customer spaces and ENERGY STAR certification announcements) 
  • Customer communication and relationship management 
  • Operational and administrative support matters 
  • Availability and resiliency 
  • Achievement of competitive utility rates 
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity 
  • Building safety 
  • Assistance in achieving customer sustainability goals 
  • Sustainable building and energy efficiency certifications 


  • Direct engagement with manager and coworkers 
  • Training and support programs 
  • Employee satisfaction surveys 
  • Monthly Sustainability Committee Meeting with global teams 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council with global employees 
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) 
  • Active employee communications from CEO and Executive Teams regarding corporate sustainability and global events 
  • In-person and streaming video Q&A with executive management 
  • Matching gifts program and Donate 8 volunteering program 
  • Employee wellness programs 
  • Annual performance reviews for all employees 
  • Quarterly All Hands Meeting 
  • Professional training and career opportunities 
  • DEI 
  • Philanthropic initiatives 
  • Corporate culture 
  • Current events 
  • Corporate data security 
  • Company economic performance and outlook 
  • Company ESG performance and sustainability goals 
  • Ethical business conduct 


  • Investors page with stock information and news and events 
  • TCFD and SASB-aligned disclosures in annual financial report (Form 10-K), Proxy and ESG Report 
  • Quarterly earnings calls 
  • Investor presentations 
  • Green Bond disclosures 
  • Dedicated Investor Relations team 
  • Direct dialogue 
  • Company economic performance and outlook 
  • ESG goals and performance 
  • Climate change strategy and resilience 

Joint Venture (JV) partners

  • Engagement on matters relevant to JV properties and management of the joint venture 
  • Updates on our  Investor page 
  • Respective portfolio occupancy 
  • Economic performance, outlook, and business strategy 
  • Utility data aggregation 

Government regulators

  • Regular dialogue, filings, permitting, and hearings related to project permitting 
  • Engagement on matters of energy supply and renewable energy 
  • Engagement with federal, state, and local governments in the U.S. and around the world on public policy issues 
  • Participation in energy efficiency and energy benchmarking programs 
  • Compliance with permitting, benchmarking and other rules and regulations 
  • Sustainability and benchmarking matters 
  • Public Policy 


  • Contract development and ongoing interaction 
  • Direct dialogue via meetings and calls 
  • Supplier compliance with environmental policies 
  • Regular performance reviews with key vendors 
  • Sustainability requirements in master services agreements and construction contracts 
  • Supplier Code of Conduct 
  • Supplier sustainability surveys 
  • Economic performance and outlook 
  • Communication and transparency of performance 
  • Product cost, availability, backlog, commodity price trends 
  • Supplier capabilities: strategic sourcing, risk management, supplier excellence, energy & sustainability, procure-to-pay 
  • Sustainability and resilience 

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

  • Membership and participation at various levels, including working groups, committees, and boards 
  • Conference and event attendance 
  • Economic development 
  • Energy and environment 
  • Community impacts 
  • Industry growth and trends 

Local communities

  • Local community engagement for development projects
  • Contract with local suppliers where possible 
  • Hosting first responders, local government officials and events 
  • Corporate philanthropy 
  • Employee volunteering 
  • Construction and data center operation 

  • Economic development 

  • Energy and environment 

  • Community impacts 

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