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AT&T NetBond: Colocation and Secure Connectivity

December 10, 2015

AT&T / Digital Realty Partnership Showcases the Power of an Open Ecosystem for Colocation and Secure Connectivity

Enterprises, many of the world’s biggest companies are struggling to align aging IT infrastructure with the demands of doing business in a digitally sophisticated world. What’s the safest, fastest, most cost-effective way to embrace cloud computing today? It’s definitely not to start from scratch, not to invest in the breathtakingly complex business of building and managing state of the art data centers in key locations around the globe.

We believe a solution is the alignment of Digital Realty’s portfolio of 145 strategically located and expertly managed data centers with an ecosystem of network and cloud service providers, delivering state of the art IT infrastructure solutions. Our recently announced partnership with AT&T is a prime example of how these kinds of synergies enable our joint customers to move their IT workloads to the elastic hybrid cloud with speed and confidence. When AT&T resells our colocation capacity and deploys its NetBond connectivity to provide ingress and egress at select Digital Realty locations, the business results are compelling. The infrastructure’s in place, the security and resiliency are unmatched, and so, thanks to our acquisition of Telx, is the state of the art connectivity that joins businesses to cloud computing resources and to each other.

Partnered with Digital Realty, AT&T can now offer its customers colocation within our facilities and, through their NetBond product, low latency and highly secure MPLS-VPN connections to both public and private clouds, including to VMware’s vCloud Air deployment in our Richardson, TX campus. Implementation is fast, risk is low. This ultra-safe fast lane makes the perfect information highway for enterprises in industries like media and financial services. What’s not to love?

The fact is, Digital Realty doesn’t want to move up the stack. We don’t want to compete with our partners. There’s no way we could be as good a network provider as AT&T, or as good at virtualizing infrastructure as VMware. There’s certainly no way we could replicate the abundance of great products and services available to enterprises via our partners today. We don’t want to own the cloud, we simply want to enable it and give it the best possible home, one that offers enterprises the freedom to choose their preferred solutions providers.

That means issuing an open invitation to qualified service providers to move on in and avail themselves of our real estate expertise, our superb infrastructure and our agility at scaling our facilities so our clients can scale their businesses with equal speed and confidence. AT&T, a vast, innovative and reliable company, shares our vision and trusts our expertise; I take that as further affirmation that our partnership strategy is right for Digital Realty, our clients and our partners.

Bill Bradley, SVP of Partners and Alliances

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