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The Future of Retail: Designing Data Architectures for Digital Success

Data gravity poses a significant challenge to traditional IT infrastructures within the retail industry.

There’s a revolution underway in the retail sector as the shift to a digital economy transforms how companies create and deliver value.

The rapid pace of this change has left many retailers grappling with significant bottlenecks. These include managing fragmented legacy architectures that have become shackled to the sheer volume of data a modern retail business must manage—a concept called “data gravity.”

Optimizing Retail Data Exchange
Success in in this data-driven landscape starts with implementing a business platform that can:

  • Operate ubiquitously and on-demand
  • Augment workflows with real-time intelligence
  • Serve customers, partners, and employees via digitally enabled interactions across all channels, business functions, and points of business presence

To enable retailers to architect and implement a new data-centric infrastructure and remove the barriers of data gravity, our solution architects created this Design Guide to be a roadmap for their digital transformation. We also outline how to combine this strategy with our Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) methodology to optimize data exchange and scale your digital business.

The digital world is transforming the retail industry, enhancing the consumer experience, and creating new ways to optimize intelligence for competitive advantage.

Our guide works as a companion to the Optimizing Retail Data Exchange Blueprint in our PDx™ content library.

Download your copy of the Design Guide now to discover how to localize data aggregation, staging, analytics, streaming, and management at global points of business presence so you can help your organization remove data gravity barriers, scale, and secure data, and unlock its true growth potential.