Blake Mitchell
May 11, 2015

Ever wonder how companies decide where to build their data centers?

If your first instinct is that choosing a data center’s location isn’t an easy decision, you’re spot on. Companies must identify everything from power availability to ease of access after a disaster when choosing where to break ground on a new facility, or locate into an existing one.

In this newly released video, Jason Walker, Regional Director at Schneider Electric, and Chris Downie, CEO of Telx, talk about how Telx chooses where to locate and/or build its data centers. Power availability, network accessibility, structural and environmental considerations, and more are all part of the intense process of choosing a data center location, and are all part of the conversation in this video.

For insight into Telx’s data center location choosing process and more, have a look at the full video below:

To learn more about Telx’s NJR3 facility or about the rigorous standards we have in place for selecting data center locations, please contact us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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