MarketplacePORTAL - Improving The Customer Experience

March 2, 2015
Josh Neuroth

One of the key ways we're improving your experience as a customer is through the MarketplacePORTAL, our online marketplace and customer portal.

For some of our customers, this is the platform they use everyday, often multiple times per day to manage their data centre resources. For other customers, they might only login once a month and not remember how to complete a task. In either case, designing a better, more usable web interface is essential for improving your experience.

Today, we are happy to announce several new enhancements to save you time, make things easier, and improve communication:

Contact Your Account Team Directly

We all know sometimes it's easier to talk to a person. We provide you with the direct email and phone numbers for your Client Services Manager, Sales Account Executive, and their Senior Managers. Just login to the MarketplacePORTAL, click Support, and you'll find your Account Team's information. Of course, we still offer our 24/7/365 technical support line too (1-888-TELX-TEC).

New Shipment & Parcel Tracker

We've listened to your feedback and made it easier to send a parcel to a Telx data centre facility. Use our new Dispatch Ticket interface to send us equipment. When we receive the parcel, we'll know exactly what to do with your gear. You can even open up a Remote Hands request and cross reference it to a shipment, so we install your equipment upon delivery.

Improved Remote Hands Request Form

In order to improve your experience, we've simplified our support forms. The new Remote Hands form makes it easy to request on-site help.

Improved Mobility Support

Let's suppose you need to do an emergency reboot of your server. It's late, Friday night, and you're out of the office with no access to a laptop computer. With our new mobility updates, you can open a Remote Hands request from your mobile device in a matter of seconds. Just login to the MarketplacePORTAL, click Support, and open up a Remote Hands request directly from your smartphone. Our 24/7/365 team will respond to your request shortly.

If you have any questions or want to timetable a screen share to have us walk through the new enhancements, please don't hesitate to contact our team at

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