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Press Release: DigitalOcean Continues Strategic Growth in Telx Data Centers

Andrew Baird
February 17, 2015

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions, and cloud enablement services, today announced that the third largest cloud hosting company in the world, DigitalOcean, has expanded its cloud platform after deploying additional virtual servers in Telx’s SCL2 data center in Santa Clara, California.

DigitalOcean is now hosting their non-network infrastructure needs in SCL2, a purpose built, high density, resilient facility that ensures 100 percent uptime. SCL2 is enabling the cloud giant to serve its immediate infrastructure needs while having the flexibility to accommodate the exponential, and unpredictable, growth it has seen since its inception. What’s more, SCL2 further serves as a strategic location based on its proximity to DigitalOcean’s peering and network hubs within the Bay Area.

“DigitalOcean has a proximity and latency advantage with Telx’s NYC2 and SFR1 data centers as well as scale advantages in the NJR3 and SCL2 facilities,” said Mitch Wainer, Chief Marketing Officer and founder, DigitalOcean. “None of this is possible without national solutions and facilities focused on capability sets and this is why we decided to expand our relationship with Telx.”

For more information about DigitalOcean’s expansion into Telx’s Bay Area facilities, please see the full press release here. For any additional questions, please contact us via our site’s Contact Us page, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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