May 4, 2017

According to Data Centre Frontier, "Loudoun County (Virginia) is home to more than 60 data centres, with 6 million square feet of data centre space and another 4 million square feet under development. Nearby Prince William County says it hosts an additional 2 million square feet of data centres."

In fact, Digital Realty alone manages twenty active data centres in the National Capital Region - comprising almost 2.1 million square feet of data centre space, with a critical load capacity of more than 187.3 megawatts. And those numbers will soon increase with the addition of the new 21745 Sir Timothy Drive data centre, featuring 326,000 square feet of space with a critical load of 28.8 megawatts.

That's a staggering amount of data centre space, but for good reason.

Why Build or Locate Here?

The desire to build data centres in Northern Virginia really comes down to three factors - geography, connectivity and power.

The National Capital Region sits squarely in the middle of the Interstate 95 corridor that runs down the east coast, connecting major metropolitan areas from Boston to Miami. It's a centrally-located hub in the middle of an extremely population-dense region, home to a large number of people and companies. Data centres located in the National Capital Region are centrally-located and optimally placed to deliver services to the entire east coast of the United States and beyond.

The region's long history with the IT and telecommunications industry also plays a factor. The emergence of companies such as AOL and other large IT and telecom companies created a demand for fibre, which the companies worked to implement. As a result, the region is host to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and a multitude of connectivity options. This connectivity - which sees 70 percent of the World's Internet traffic flow through the region - was responsible for Washingtonian Magazine characterizing Loudoun County, VA, (which includes Ashburn) as Data Centre Alley, "the backbone of the online world."

Northern Virginia also has other advantages critical to running a data centre - energy and power. Northern Virginia has a dependable power grid that helps data centre providers and managers maximise up-time. It also features less expensive power than other areas in the country, with energy costs - on average - 20 percent less than in other areas, making operating a data centre in the region less expensive.

Finally, Loudoun County has worked to pass legislation and tax exemptions that make it more advantageous for data centre providers to do business in the region. These sales tax exemptions lower the cost for the end user, making it more economically beneficial to lease data centre space from providers in Northern Virginia.

Even More Benefits

Geography, connectivity and energy aside, there are other factors that help to make Ashburn, VA, and the larger National Capital Region attractive to data centre providers and companies looking locate to a facility in the area.

The region's infrastructure makes it particularly attractive for companies. The area features multiple mass transit options. In addition, Northern Virginia features a highly skilled and educated workforce thanks in large part to the many colleges and universities in the greater Washington, D.C. Metro area.

These benefits, coupled with the area's connectivity, reliable power and geographically-centralized location, make Ashburn the current centre of the digital world.

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