April 20, 2017

Vinay Nagpal of Digital Realty Data Centres and Kelly Morgan of 451 Research participated in a webinar about data centre migrations providing best practices and tips for successfully and efficiently moving infrastructure between data centres with minimal operational impact to your company.

There are many reasons why companies would need to physically move into a new data centre. They may have outgrown their existing data centre space. They could be looking to move from a retail data centre to a wholesale colocation data centre. They may not be satisfied with the services they receive from their existing data centre provider. Or, they could be moving their data centre because of a change to their company, strategy or organisation.

Regardless of why a company may be moving, the process of moving a data centre remains a big task. And much of the work lies in the planning, the budgeting and the preparation for the move. See a list of 10 things that you should do in advance of any data centre migration, courtesy of Vinay and Kelly.

Vinay Nagpal and Kelly Morgan also discussed considerations and best practices for during-and-after the migration in their data centre migration webinar, the role that data centre providers can play in a migration, and reasons why companies may want to move data centres. Learn more about Digital Realty data centres.

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