December 6, 2016

Leading technology, finance, healthcare and e-commerce companies have put their trust in ServerCentral, an IT infrastructure solutions provider, since 2000. They use ServerCentral to design and manage their mission-critical infrastructures, and to develop the right IT solutions for their businesses.

As new tools and audiences transformed the Internet in the late 2000s, businesses faced a sharp uptick in demand for cloud services and hosted applications. To seize those opportunities, they needed an infrastructure that could support their technology requirements.

The great migration

Many companies accelerated their migration from privately hosted data centers to professionally managed data centers, understanding that it was often more expensive and labor intensive to build and manage their own data centers than simply leasing facilities owned and operated by service providers.

ServerCentral recognized this market growth and customer demand and began exploring a partnership with a wholesale data center provider in its hometown, Chicago. They found what they were looking for in Digital Realty’s Chicago Data Center, CH1.

“Our relationship with Digital Realty has really been a revenue growth enabler,” explained Bill Lowry, vice president of products at ServerCentral. “We’ve been able to grow revenue substantially, and our ability to scale and grow with Digital Realty has exceeded our growth expectations.”

The results are in

By utilizing a data center provider ServerCentral has attracted companies from far beyond the greater Chicagoland region, expanding its customer base. The quality of the facility has helped ServerCentral recruit customers in a vast array of industries, who are using the company for a wide variety of services, including: disaster recovery, enterprise cloud, managed services, global connectivity and more.

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