AT&T与Digital Realty合作,通过一个全球骨干网帮助一家大客户更新和简化其核心网络。


  • 在客户的网络主干上创建主要的连接中心
  • 消除“单点故障”网络架构
  • 确保最先进的物理和网络安全性


  • 依托AT&T与Digital Realty的合作关系,该客户选择了Digital Realty在美国5个地点中3个地点的设施
  • 高速、高带宽的客户基础设施与数据中心汇接机房、POP及云服务供应商对接

AT&T and Digital Realty have partnered with us to design, build and deploy an enhanced global network backbone that will improve our business agility and service to our customers now and in the future. Without the expertise of each company, we'd be hard pressed to upgrade our infrastructure at this scale or at this speed.

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