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AT&T and Digital Realty Partner Helping a Leading Financial Institution Re-architect its Global Network Infrastructure

A financial services leader is upgrading and consolidating its global high speed network infrastructure in data center locations around the world.

AT&T and Digital Realty have partnered with us to design, build and deploy an enhanced global network backbone that will improve our business agility and service to our customers now and in the future. Without the expertise of each company, we’d be hard pressed to upgrade our infrastructure at this scale or at this speed.

Multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation , CTO

This case study covers a financial services customer, working through AT&T, looking to renew and consolidate their core network infrastructure, had significant time and scale requirements. Digital Realty is part of AT&T’s Data Center Services ecosystem, a key piece of the complete solution they offer to their customers. AT&T’s dedicated sales team realized that Digital Realty was the only data center provider with the geographic footprint, network density, security capabilities and operations expertise the customer needed to meet its stringent technical requirements at scale and on time.