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Digital Realty’s San Francisco Facility Now Runs on Green Power

Aaron Binkley, Senior Director, Sustainability
June 14, 2018

We are proud and excited to share the news that Digital Realty’s largest data center in San Francisco, a 227,000 square-foot, 8.6MW facility at 365 Main Street, now runs on green power supplied by the San Francisco Public Utility Commission. This change is one example of Digital Realty’s commitment to sustainability in action. This will have the effect of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 24 million pounds a year. That’s equivalent to the power used by 1,600 homes.

It’s another step toward what we hope will be a much more sustainable industry in the near future. While San Francisco is a great start, Digital Realty owns a portfolio of more than 200 data centers worldwide, and greenhouse gases know no borders. Currently, about 30% of the power it takes to run all of our data centers comes from renewable energy sources. In the end, these kinds of investments result in strong customer value and a smaller environmental impact for us and our customers.

We are glad to be able to announce this development in San Francisco and are looking forward to more clean energy initiatives in the near future. If you would like to learn more about our partnership with the San Francisco Public Utility Commission as well as sustainability in the data center industry in general, click here to read an article from Data Center Knowledge. If you would like to learn more about Digital Realty’s approach to sustainability, click here.