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Introducing Digital Realty's Customer First Focus Blog Series

Mark Reynolds, Vice President of Global Operations
May 17, 2021

The customer's needs have changed in our industry, and that has changed the demands of the customer experience as well. As digital transformation, data gravity and the digital workplace continue to present challenges for enterprises and companies of all sizes, we recognize the importance of customer focus.

To demonstrate our commitment to prioritizing customers and developing new initiatives to enhance customer experience, we're launching a Customer First Focus blog series. Today, it kicks off with this video from Mark Reynolds (Vice President of Global Operations at Digital Realty).

In this introductory message, Mark shares:

  • What benefits come from developing long-term customer relationships
  • How those relationships are mutually beneficial and lead to new solutions – like the Data Gravity Index
  • How we tailor our approach to meet the needs of all levels of an organization (CTO, IT lead, CIO, etc.)
  • How collaborations with customers lead to impactful initiatives – both internally and externally
  • Why the customer experience has to be part of any solution
  • How our focus on customers will impact the future
  • What to expect in the upcoming editions to the blog series

Thank you for watching. Look for the announcement of the next Customer First Focus blog on LinkedIn, Twitter or our Customer Insights Brief.