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Why Is Security So Important?

John Matis

July 9, 2014

Security is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the data center services world. But why is security so important?

The importance of security is hard to overstate. But in taking a closer look at why security is so important, it becomes clear why so many companies invest so many resources into keeping their facilities and data secure. Here are a few of the more prominent reasons why security is so important:

  • Compliance with the law: There’s no shortage of laws and regulations mandating the safekeeping of sensitive data. While there are certainly other obligations that a business should take into account, if businesses want to be in compliance with the law regarding customers’ data, they need to make sure to select a provider that is up to industry standards in compliance. Telx maintains SOC2 compliance in all of our data centers.
  • Risk of natural disasters and other threats: Today, natural disasters pose one of the biggest threats around to data centers. Physical security in a data center, starting with where it is built (outside of flood zones and in low seismic activity areas) and culminating with the actual construction of the building (is the building solidly built?), lessens the risk of downtime when natural disaster strikes. This saves money and time, and keeps your data flowing when you need it.
  • Obligation to clients and customers: When your business takes a customer’s data, you’re obligated to do your best to keep that data safe and secure. A data center that takes compliance and physical security seriously helps fulfill this promise, keeping data safe from natural and physical threats to data centers.
  • Cost: Downtime is expensive, and so are data breaches. The average cost per minute of downtime in a data center is $7,900, and the average organizational cost of a data breach is $5.4 million. Tough security and compliance don’t guarantee complete uptime or data safety, but they do provide the first line of defense against these costly threats.

When selecting a data center services provider, there’s no such thing as too much emphasis on security. Make sure that the provider you choose places a strong focus on security—as in the end, it’s your customers’ data that you’re placing in the hands of that provider.

Telx’s data centers offer industry-leading security and compliance measures. From the many security features we have in place at all of our data centers—onsite security to motion detection for CCTV—to our SOC2 compliance across all of our data centers, we take our security and compliance very seriously. When you choose Telx, you can rest comfortably knowing that your business’ and customers’ data are secure.

To learn more about the physical security measures in place at Telx data centers, or about our compliance with industry standards, please reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.